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Tutorial 3: Using the Import Wizard


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This  tutorial  provides step-by-step instructions on how to generate an org chart from an Excel file. Reference the "Connectors" topic for more information.

Import Wizard

  1. Select the Home ribbon , and then select the Import icon.

  2. Select the Excel option, then click on the Import button.

  3. On the first screen, select Import Data.

  4. Click on the Import Data button.

  5. Select the Samples folder.

  6. Double-click on the file called "Sample Data". The Filter Data screen is. displayed.

  7. Click the Next button to import the entire file. The Define Fields screen is displayed.

  8. When possible, OrgChart will automatically map the headers in a data file to the required and optional fields. If needed, you can use the required and optional field dropdown menus to map headers. Click Next. The Assistant Wizard dialogue is displayed.

  9. Select the radio button associated with "Use 'isAssistant' field to set assistant branch styles," and then click Next.The Subchart Wizard dialogue is displayed.



    Note: A value of '1' in the 'isAssistant' field signals OrgChart to treat the record as an assistant.

  10. Select the radio button associated with the"Break by level" option, and then select the options from the dropdown menus to match the screenshot below. Click Next . The Chart Template screen is displayed.

  11. Select any chart template (for example, "Classic-MGR"), and then select the Next button. The Master Page screen is displayed.

  12. Click the radio button associated with the Standard Master Page option, and then select the Create Chart button.

  13. Your chart will be created in Workbench.



Note: Use the Refresh function to automatically synchronize the chart with the data source. When a chart is refreshed, all records that have been added, deleted, moved, and/or changed in the source data will be incorporated into the chart.

Proceed to Tutorial 4: Manually Formatting a Chart.