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Tutorial 2: Applying Chart Templates


Audience: Any User Edition: All Editions


This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to apply Chart Templates . A Chart Template contains a set of ordered rules that are applied to a chart. Rules contain a Condition (e.g. ‘status’ equals ‘contractor’) and a Property that is updated if that condition is met (e.g. box color).  A rule can be set to apply a Box Style, which, controls every aspect of box presentation (e.g. box color, box shape, border color, border style, fields shown, field colors, etc.).

Applying Chart Templates

  1. Select the Home ribbon, and then click on the Open icon.

  2. Select the folder called Tutorials.

  3. Click to highlight "Tutorial 2," and then select the OK icon (in the ribbon) to open the chart.

  4. Select the Show Panel button if the right panel is not already shown.

  5. Select the Templates tab in the bottom of the right-hand panel, and then select the System radio button at the top.

  6. Double-click on any Chart Template (e.g., "Classic") to apply the associated template to the current org chart. Review the Creating Chart Templates interactive tutorial to learn how to create your own chart templates and box styles.

Proceed to Tutorial 3: Using the Import Wizard.