OrgChart Now Help Guide

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Enterprise Quick Start


Audience: Any User Edition: Enterprise & Premium


Our interactive tutorials a fast way to learn how to use and administrator OrgChart Now Enterprise.

End User Guides

Viewer Guide- Lesson 1 : Learn how to use OrgChart Viewer to explore and export org charts.

Builder Guide- Lesson 2 : Learn how to use OrgChart Builder to create custom OrgChart documents that can be customized in OrgChart Workbench. OrgChart Workbench allows you to add, edit, delete, and move boxes using intuitive drag & drop tools.

Collaborative Planning Lesson 3 : Learn how to use the Collaborative Planning module to create workforce plans.

Administrator Guides

Viewer Setup- Lesson 1 : Learn how to create org charts for display in OrgChart Viewer.

Viewer Setup (Continued)- Lesson 2 : Learn how to configure OrgChart Viewer features, such as automatic data synchronization and data filtering.

Account Settings- Lesson 3 : Learn how to configure your OrgChart Now account.

Customizing Org Charts- Lesson 4 : Learn how to create customized org chart visualizations.

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