OrgChart Now Help Guide

Manage Users


Audience: Administrators Edition: Team


The Managers Users function allows an administrator to add, delete, and update user accounts.

Accessing Manage Users Settings

The Manage Users function is located in Administration Tools.

User Types

The following user types are available:

Read Only

User has read only access to charts. User can only view and (optionally) publish/print charts.


User has read/write access to charts. User can create and modify charts.


Use can access administration tools (also has read/write access).

User Management

In the Manage Users settings, the following tools are available:


Add a new user.


Update selected user record (including the Access Group).


Delete selected users.

Find Users

Locate user records using the following filter options:

  • Search by Username - Enter part of the user name in the search bar to quickly locate users.

  • Filter by User Type - Show Read/Only, Read/Write, and/or Admin users.

  • Filter by Access Group - Show only users that belong to a selected Access Group(s).


Access Control

You can limit the folders and functionality a user can access using the Access Groups  functionality. You can also limit which records a user can access within a specific chart. See the Securing Charts topic for more details.Securing Charts

Private Folders

When you create a Read/Write user, you can optionally create a private folder for the user in the Add User dialog box. Private folders can also be accessed by the associated user and system administrators.

Mass Creation of User Accounts

You can automatically create user accounts by uploading a comma-delimited file to OrgChart Now. For more information, see Mass Creation of User Accounts.

Password Delivery

The recommended method for delivering user credentials is to ask the end user to select the "Reset password or retrieve Username" link located in the OrgChart Now login page.

After selecting the link and entering their email address, the user will be emailed credentials. Alternately, you can note the password displayed in the Add User dialog box and then communicate it to the end user.


Each account has a limited number of read/write seats available. Read only seats are unlimited. If you need additional administration or read/write seats, contact