OrgChart Now Help Guide

Manage Groups


Audience: Administrators Edition: Team, Enterprise, & Premium


The Manage Groups settings allow administrators to control settings for Access Groups.

Access Groups control which folders a specific user can access. Assign users to access groups using the Manage Users function.

Accessing Manage Groups Settings

The Manage Groups function is located in Administration Tools.

User Interface

When using the Manage Groups option, the following functions are available:


Add a new access group.


Delete the selected access group.


Add a folder to an access group.


Remove a folder from an access group.


Lock/unlock a folder.

Locked folders cannot be modified by Read/Write users, only by Administrators.


Save changes made to access group.



Cancel changes to access groups and close Manage Groups settings.

Access Group Options


The following options are available:

  • Group: <Name> - Allows the user to change the name of selected access group.

  • Enable export to Excel - Allows the user to export any chart data to an Excel file. By default this option is disabled.

  • Enable row-level security - Contact technical support to configure this option.

  • Update chart templates and box styles - Allows the user to modify chart and box styles.

  • Limit chart access to self + subordinates - Users in this group are restricted to view only their own branch in charts that are configured to implement this restriction.

Allowed Folders


Administrator users can control user access to specific folders in OrgChart File Manager. These folders can be locked using the Lock icon to restrict Read/Write users from being able to modify documents in those folders.