OrgChart Now Help Guide

Subcharts Panel


Audience: Any User Edition: Team, Enterprise, & Premium


The Subcharts Panel is used to manage and navigate subcharts. The Subcharts Panel can be found at the bottom right-hand side of the Workbench with the rest of the Side Panels.

Subcharts Panel

The Subchart panel make it easy to navigate through your charts:

  • Select any subchart listed in the panel to navigate to the associated subchart.

  • Use the up/down arrow keys to quickly navigate through the subcharts.

  • Expand/collapse a subchart using the +/- buttons to the left of a subchart.

Subcharts Panel Toolbar

The following functions are available in the Subchart panel toolbar:


Allows users to rename the selected subchart or rename all subcharts.


Select to shuffle subchart up in list.


Select to shuffle subchart down in list.


Use the SubChart Wizard to define the rules for paginating a chart.


Toggle Index Mode on or off.

Re-organize Boxes Using Subchart Panel

The Subchart Panel can also be used to help re-organize records. To move records in an open chart using the Subchart panel:

  1. Select the Chart ribbon and then select the Move Box tool.

  2. Left click on the desired record in the box and hold the mouse button down.

  3. Move your mouse over the subchart the record needs to report to in the Subchart panel, then release.

  4. The record will now report to the record at the top of the selected subchart.