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OrgChart Workbench



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OrgChart Workbench is the most powerful and versatile chart-building tool available to OrgChart Now users. A vast array of tools, filters, and other features await the user in Workbench. Enterprise users also have the option of accessing the Viewer from the Workbench, allowing them to preview their work prior to publication. Workbench runs directly in all modern browsers, and does not require browser plug-ins. Automatic software updates ensure that you are always on the latest release (Reference the article "System Alerts" for more information.). For its ease of use, comprehensive functionality, and familiar interface, Workbench is the premium OrgChart module.

User Interface

The OrgChart Workbench user interface is similar to Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. Tools are organized into secondary toolbars called "ribbons", and are located at the top of the page under the Top Toolbar. Clearly labeled tabs in the Top Toolbar help users navigate to different ribbons and panels. The Side Panel holds a number of options to configure and view chart information. The OrgChart Workbench UI provides a dynamic, interactive drag-and-drop experience akin to other desktop applications such as Visio, PowerPoint, and Excel.


Top Tool Bar


The Top Toolbar contains commonly used functions, including Administration Tools.

Bottom Toolbar



The Bottom Toolbar contains information about the current open document. Reference the article " Bottom Toolbar" for more information.

Side Panels

Side Panel Selector

Main Article: Side panels

Side Panels provide a method to directly manipulate, navigate, and explore your charts.


If the side panels are hidden, select the Show Panels icon.


Main Viewing Area

Main Article: Main Viewing Area

The Main Viewing Area is where the current open document (e.g., org chart) is displayed.


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