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OrgChart allows users to control how many levels of an organization are shown on a page in OrgChart Viewer.

Changing levels

  1. Click on the Options icon, and then select the Levels option.



    Note: By default, 2 levels of the organization will be displayed upon launch. To modify these settings, click More > Chart Settings, and then select the Presentation option.

  2. Select the number of Levels (1-5) that you would like to display. For example, the following screenshot displays 2 levels:


    The following screenshot displays 4 levels:

  3. Optionally, users can enable Chain of Command, to display the direct reporting line while navigating a subchart. Reference the Chain of Command section below for more information.

Chain of Command

Chain of Command allows users to conveniently view the structural hierarchy of the company from any subchart. When enabled, users can choose to display between 1, 2, 3, or All Levels of the subchart's top box direct superior reports.

Enabling Chain of Command
  1. Click on the Subcharts icon, and then select a subchart at least two levels below the top box of the chart.

  2. Click on the Options icon, and then select the Levels option.

  3. Click on the Chain of Command button to toggle Chain of Command ON (as shown in the screenshot below).

  4. Select the levels of direct superior reports to display above the top box of the subchart. The following example displays 3 levels of Chain of Command for Liam Raynott:

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