OrgChart Now Help Guide

My Settings


Audience: Any User Edition: Enterprise & Premium


The My Settings function allows you to change personal preferences.

My Settings Breakdown

Mouse Wheel

Set the behavior of your mouse wheel:

  • Off – Mouse wheel ignored

  • Zoom – Mouse wheel zooms in/out

  • Scroll (Up/Down) – Mouse wheel scrolls vertically

  • Scroll (Left/Right) – Mouse wheel scrolls horizontally

Enable Right Click

Enable/disable right click. Right-click sometimes needs to be disabled when a chart is embedded in an intranet or other web application.


Toggle measurements to display in SI (Metric) or English (Imperial). For example, you can control if Page Sizes are displayed in centimeters or inches.


See the language to be used in the OrgChart user interface. Available languages include English, French, Spanish and German.