OrgChart Now Help Guide

Chart Settings: Publish


Audience: Administrators Edition: Enterprise & Premium


The Publish settings page allows for control over export behaviors including:

  • Fields that are included in Excel export

  • Master page applied when exporting to PDF or PPT

Accessing Publish Settings

Select More > Chart Settings and then select the Publish option.

Publish Settings

Document Settings

Export Options: Master Page

Select the master page for use when exporting to PDF or PPT. This option allows you to use a different master pages for export to PDF/PPT verses display (on the screen).

For example, the publish master page can contain page numbers and a ‘confidential – do not distribute’ message while the screen master page can exclude these elements.

Excel Settings

Use Custom Output fields

By default, all data source fields are included when exporting to Excel. Selecting this checkbox allow for control over which fields are included in an Excel export.


Add a field to the export list.


Reorder fields within the export list.


Remove field from the export list.