OrgChart Now Help Guide

Chart Settings: Presentation


Audience: Administrators Edition: Enterprise & Premium


The Presentation panel allows an administrator to adjust the various presentation options for the current master chart, including:

  • View management - Add or remove visualization templates

  • Chart background settings - Set format for chart background

  • Initial number of chart levels shown - Levels shown when master chart is first loaded

Accessing Presentation Options

Select More > Chart Settings, and then select the Presentation option. The Presentation Panel is displayed.


Views Options

The View Switcher allows an end user to switch between different presentations of a master chart. The Presentation Panel allows an administrator to define the available views for a given master chart.

Views can be customized to meet your business requirements. Reference Customizing Org Charts- Lesson 4 to learn how to create/customize views.


Add a view.


Move selected view up.


Move selected view down.


Mouse over row to set as the default view. The default view is displayed when OrgChart Viewer is launched.


Mouse over row to rename.


Mouse over row to delete a view from the available views list.

Chart Background Options

A master page template contains elements that are included on every page of your chart (for example, a corporate logo or page numbers). Master page templates can be applied to the background of a master chart.

Master Page Dropdown

Select a master page template to apply to the chart background.  Reference Viewer Setup- Lesson 1 to learn how to create a master page template. 

General Options

General options allow an administrator to set chart type and default number of levels shown.

Default Levels

Set the default number of levels displayed when OrgChart Viewer is launched. 

Chart Type

There are three available chart types:

  • Standard – Standard organizational chart

  • Inverted – Managers on the bottom with individual contributors above. Reference Inverted Chart Example for more information.

  • Level – Boxes are tiered vertically based on a field value (e.g. Vice Presidents are positioned higher vertically than directors). Reference Level Chart Example for more information.

Sort Options

Optionally, you can specify how subordinates are sorted under managers. Multiple sort criteria can be defined (e.g. Sort by Last Name and then First Name).


Add new sort key.


Set ascending sort order.


Set descending sort order.


Mouse over sort key to change sort key.


Delete sort key.


Move sort key up.


Move sort key down.