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Chart Settings: Point-in-Time Charts


Audience: Administrators Edition: Enterprise & Premium


The Point-in-Time panel allows an administrator to configure the "Point-in-Time" module. The "Point-in-Time" module is an option OrgChart Now module that archives organizational data over time. Email for more information on the "Point-in-Time" module.

Using Archived Data

An end user can generate an org chart from archived data using the Chart Builder. "Point-in-Time" charts are useful for regulatory, legal, and workforce analytics requirements. For example, a SOX compliance auditor has the legal right to request an organizational chart from a specific date.

Access to archived chart data is not available to end users unless authorized (see the Access Group topic for more information).

Accessing Point-in-Time Chart Settings

Select More > Chart Settings and then select the Point-In-Time option.

Scheduling Options

By selecting the "Automatic Archive" checkbox, an administrator can set up a regular time for a master chart to be archived.


Set the frequency that scheduled refreshes occur.

Options are:

  • Daily

  • Weekly - With this option, you need to specify the day of the week on which data should be archived.

  • Bi-weekly - With this option, you need to specify the day of the week on which data should be archived.

  • Monthly - With this option, you need to specify when an archive should be captured (first day or last day of the month).

  • Off

Note: Data Refresh frequency should be configured to occur at least as often as Archive frequency.

Archive Cleanup

Check to delete archives older than a specified amount.

Manual Archive

Archive data now.

Archive Activity Report

Download an Excel report containing a history of archival activity.

Delta Reports

A delta report is an Excel spreadsheet which shows the differences between two archives. Delta reports can be automatically generated (and emailed) after each archive or manual generated at any time.

Delta Report Configuration

Delta report content and email delivery options can be configured by an administrator.

Included Headers

Use this option to specify which fields to include delta reports.

Automatic Delta Report Configuration (Email Notifications)

An email containing a delta report can optionally be sent after each archive.


Enable email notification (containing a delta report) after each successful archive.


Disable email notifications.


Delete an email from the list.


Add an email to the list.

Manual Delta Reports

Delta reports can be generated manually by an administrator.


Specify a start date.


Specify end date.


Generate a comparison report (based on start and end dates).