OrgChart Now Help Guide

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Chart Settings: Filters and Highlights


Audience: Administrators Edition: Enterprise & Premium


The Filters & Highlights panel allows an administrator to define and update:

  • Filters – Filter allow users to dynamically hide/show chart boxes.

  • Highlights – Highlights allows users to dynamically differentiate boxes using a colored overlay.

Accessing Filters and Highlights

Select More > Chart Settings and then select the Filters & Highlights option.

Filters and Highlights Settings

The Filters & Highlights panel allows you to define multiple filters and highlights for a master chart.

Filters & Highlights Section

The Filters & Highlights panel has the following options:


Create a new Filter or Highlight.


Set the left checkbox to set the filter/highlight on by default (e.g. filter is applied when chart is opened).

You can create a permanent filter (both checkboxes applied) that allow boxes to be counted in formulas but not shown in the org chart. 


Hide filter/highlight from the Options menu (e.g. the filter/highlight is not available to the end-user but is applied).


Hover over a row to edit a filter or highlight definition. See Creating or Editing a Filter/Highlight below.


Hover over a row to delete a filter or highlight.


Click on the color block to the left of a highlight to set highlight color.

Creating or Editing a Filter or Highlight

The Filters & Highlights editors are very similar. However, filters are written to FILTER OUT records matching the filter criteria, while records matching the highlight criteria will be illuminated.

The following functions are available:

Filter/ Highlight Name

Set the name of your filter/ highlight.

Filter/ Highlight Definitions

Create the logic for your filter or highlight. See Filter/Highlight Examples below

Add Fields

Add a field from the list of available fields.

Add Value

Add a value from a list of available values. Highlight the field name (in the Field Definition editor) to enable the Add Value option.


Click on the color block to set highlight color.


Save your filter/ highlight.

Filters & Highlights Definition Examples

The syntax for creating definitions is the very similar to JavaScript syntax.

[Contractor] == ”True”

FILTER OUT records when Contractor field equals True

[Status] !== ”Full Time”

FILTER OUT records when Status field does not equal Full Time

[Classification] == ”Intern” || Classification] == ”Student”

FILTER OUT records when Classification field equals Intern OR Student

[Classification] == ”Intern” && [Job Code] == ”C006”

FILTER OUT records when Classification field equals Intern AND Job Code field equals C006

[Title].indexOf("Consultant") == 0

Filter out records when Title field value STARTS WITH Consultant


Note: Administrators can control access to certain Filters & Highlights when configuring Access Groups. Reference the Account Settings: Access Groups article for more information.

Log a ticket with OrgChart Now Support if you need help creating a complex filter or highlight.