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Account Settings: Security


Audience: Administrators Edition: Enterprise & Premium


The Security Panel allows an administrator to:

Accessing Security Settings

Select More > Account Settings, and then select the Security option.

General Options

Enable Admin User Impersonations

Allow an administrator to login as another user.

This is useful for troubleshooting user specific issues and testing security authorizations.



To impersonate a user, click on the Support Login link (on the login page) and then enter your user name, password and the User ID of the user you would like to impersonate.

Row Level Security Profiles

Row level security profiles limit which field values a user can access on a row by row basis. For example, you can restrict a manager so that they can only access employee performance data for their direct and indirect subordinates.


Edit, Rename, Copy, or Delete Row Level Security Profiles.


Create a new Row Level Security Profile.



In order to enable row level security for a user, link a a row level security profile to that user's Access Group.

For more details on how to setup Row Level Security, reference the topic, Row Level Security Example.

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