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Account Settings: Manage Users


Audience: Administrators Edition: Enterprise & Premium


The Manage Users page allows an administrator to create, delete, and update user credentials.

Accessing Manage User Settings

Click on More > Account Settings , and then select the Manage Users option.

Manage User Options

Administrators can add and delete users, as well as update user credentials and assign Access Groups and Roles.


Filter users based on role type (Read Only, Read/Write, Administrator) and access group.


Download an Excel report containing a list of all user credentials.


Search for an existing user.


Create a new user. Reference the Creating or Editing a User Credential section below for more information.

Editing a User's Credentials

Mouse over a user to access the following options:


Edit a user's credential.


Delete a user.


Note: An administrator cannot delete their own account. You must create a new administrator or have another administrator delete the account.

Creating a User

The following fields are required for a user credential:

  1. User ID - ID of the user. Generally, the user's PersonID or email address.

  2. Name - Name of the user.

  3. Email Address - Valid email address of the user (required to reset or change password).

  4. Role - Read Only, Read/Write, or Administrator (See Role Types below).

  5. Access Group - Access Group to be assigned to user. Access Groups control access to application functionality and data.



Note: It is possible to create a Service User (non-human user, generally associated with a restricted link) with specified security permissions . Reference the Creating a Service User article for more information.Creating a Service User

Role Types

The following roles are available:

  • Read Only - User can view, search, and export org charts but cannot modify org chart or change presentation options.

  • Read/Write - All Read Only capabilities plus user can create charts, modify presentation options, and participate in workforce planning (e.g. Collaborative Planning) exercises.Collaborative Planning

  • Administrator - All Read/Write capabilities plus access to all administrator functions (e.g. Manage Users, Chart Settings, and Account Settings).

First Login

When logging into OrgChart Now for the first time, please following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the server URL provided to you by your OrgChart Now Implementation Specialist.

    the user will need to click on the reset password link (on the login screen) and then enter their email address. An email with instructions on how to reset the user's password will be sent to their inbox. Once the password is reset, the user will be able to login.

  2. Enter the email address associated with your user credentials.

  3. Click on the Reset Password or Retrieve Username hyperlink located beneath the Sign In button (as shown below).

  4. An email with instructions for retrieving the user's password will be sent to the user's email inbox (entered in step 2).

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