OrgChart Now Help Guide

Account Settings: General


Audience: Administrators Editions: Enterprise & Premium


The General page allows an administrator to set the default behavior on application start. The General page also provides an administrator access to various account level parameters (e.g. number of available user seats).

Accessing Account Settings

Select More > Account Settings and then select the General option.

Launch Mode

The Launch Mode area allows an administrator to set the default behavior on application launch.


Select module to launch on application start (OrgChart Viewer or OrgChart Workbench).


Select an org chart to open on application start.


The Administration area gives an administrator access to the following information:

Company Name:

View or set the 'company name' auto text element. Auto text elements can be placed on org chart master pages.


This is the unique identifier associated with your org chart account.

Box Limit:

The is the unique number of records that can be loaded into your org chart account. Email to request a box limit increase.

Allowed Box Limit:

If you need to temporarily load more records than are allowed within your subscription (e.g. box limit), the allowed box limit can be increased to accommodate. Email to request a temporary box limit increase.

Seat Count:

Each Read/Write or Administrative user requires a seat. Seat count specifies the total number of seats available within your account. Email to request additional seats.

Download Activity Report

Download a report of all login activity within your account.

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