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Account Settings: Checkpoints


Audience: Administrator Users Edition: Enterprise & Premium


Checkpoints can be used to backup or restore OrgChart Viewer configuration.

Accessing Checkpoints

Select More > Account Settings and then select the Checkpoints option.

On the Account Settings: Checkpoints page, you can either create a new checkpoint, or load an existing checkpoint.


Create a new checkpoint based on current configuration.


Load OrgChart Viewer configuration from the selected checkpoint.

Hover your mouse over a checkpoint to access available options.


The options to change checkpoints are listed below:


Select a checkpoint. Clicking on the Load button will reset configuration to this checkpoint.


Click to rename checkpoint.


Download checkpoint from cloud storage to your Computer. You can upload a checkpoint from your computer by dragging a checkpoint file from Windows Explorer (or Mac File Explorer) to the checkpoints page.


Delete a checkpoint. Deleted checkpoints cannot be recovered.

Checkpoint Scope

Checkpoints contain all configuration data for Master Charts configured within your account.

Checkpoints do not contain Account Settings (e.g. user accounts, security settings, theme settings, etc.). Checkpoints also do not contain Chart Templates and Box Styles (from the library defined in OrgChart Workbench).Account Settings

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