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Account Settings: Chart Management


Audience: Administrators Edition: Enterprise & Premium


OrgChart Viewer supports loading both Master Charts and OrgChart Documents. A Master Chart is directly linked to a data source and is typically set to automatically synchronize with source data. An OrgChart Document is a customized presentation that is created using OrgChart Workbench.

The Chart Management panel allows you to define and manage the org charts (Master Charts and OrgChart Documents) that are available in OrgChart Viewer.

Master Charts should be used whenever possible, as they are easier to maintain over time. OrgChart Documents should only be used in the following cases:

  • The desired org chart is not (or only partially) based on source HR data (e.g., Project Team that is not based on the hierarchy stored in the source system).

  • The presentation of the org chart is highly customized and cannot be easily driven using conditional formats. Reference the Rule-Driven Charting article for more information on driving chart presentation with conditional formatting.

Accessing The Chart Management Panel

Select More > Account Settings and then select the Chart Management option.

Master Charts

The Master Charts section allow you to add, remove, reorder and configure Master Charts.


Create a new Master Chart


Create a copy of the selected Master Chart


Move the selected Master Chart up


Move the selected Master Chart down

Mouse over a Master Chart to access the following Master Chart Management options:


Rename the selected Master Chart


Set the selected Master Chart as the Default Chart. The Default Master Chart displays automatically upon login.


Configure the selected Master Chart's Chart Settings


Delete the selected Master Chart

OrgChart Document

OrgChart Documents are snapshots of chart data created using OrgChart Workbench and saved in the Charts folder. Users can add an OrgChart Document for display in OrgChart Viewer by following these steps:

  1. Log in to OrgChart Viewer.

  2. Click More > Account Settings, and the select the Chart Management option.Account Settings

  3. Click the Plus.png icon to the right of the Chart Documents header.

  4. Click on the desired OrgChart Document (using the displayed File Picker).

  5. Click on the Select button.

Accessing Chart Documents in OrgChart Viewer

Once added to the OrgChart Viewer in the Account Settings: Chart Management panel, users can access the OrgChart Documents by following these steps:

  1. Log in to OrgChart Viewer.

  2. Click on the Options icon, and then select the Charts option.

  3. Select an OrgChart Document(located below the separator or the /Charts extended dropdown menu).


    Note: Chart Documents will not be refreshed daily.

Additional Chart Document Options

Add new OrgChart Document


Move the selected OrgChart Document up


Move the selected OrgChart Document down

Mouse over a Chart Document to access the following OrgChart Document Management options:


Delete the selected OrgChart Document from OrgChart Viewer

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