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Account Settings: Access Groups


Audience: Administrators Edition: Enterprise & Premium


Access Groups control access privileges to source data and application features. Access Groups are assigned to users (reference Account Settings: Manage Users). When a user logs in, their access group determines their authorizations within OrgChart Now.

Accessing Access Groups

Select More > Account Settings and then select the Access Groups option.

Access Groups


Configure or rename an access group. See Configuring an Access Group section below.


Create a new access group. See Configuring an Access Group section below.

Configuring an Access Group

The Access Group Configuration panel allows you to configure, name, or rename an access group.

The General Settings area allows you to control access to source data and to application functionality.


Export to Excel

Allow export to Excel.

Edit Templates

Allow user to update chart templates and box styles. Chart templates and box styles are used to create Views (e.g. different chart presentations).

Row-Level Security

Selecting a row-level security profile limits which field values a user can access on a row by row basis. For example, you can restrict a manager so that they can only access employee performance data for their direct and indirect subordinates. Selecting 'None' grants access to all data fields for all employees. Reference Account Settings: Security for more information on creating Row-Level Security Profiles.

Role Assignment

By default, a user is assigned a role when their credentials are created (Reference Account Settings: Manage Users). An access group can be set to override the user's default role. The following role assignments are available:

  • Read-only - can view but not create or update charts

  • Read/write - can use OrgChart Builder and OrgChart Workbench to create or customize charts

  • Administrator - full access to all administrative tools

UI Profile

UI Profiles provide fine grain control over access to application functionality. For example, a UI Profile can enable or disable access to PDF/PPT file export functionality. Reference Account Settings: UI Profiles for details.

Private Folder Access

This option creates a Private Folder where the user can save their org chart documents (in OrgChart Workbench).

Point In Time

This option allows a user to use OrgChart Builder to create org charts from archived data (e.g. generate an org chart for a specific effective date).

Allowed Folders

Administrators can add or remove "Allowed Folders" by selecting the + or - buttons. Users assigned to an access group can only access 'allowed folders' within the OrgChart Workbench File Manager (other folders are hidden).

Chart Settings

Within an access group, you can control access to master charts.



Selecting a master chart from the drop down allows you to view or update permissions associated with that master chart.

Chart Access

Grant access to the selected master chart. Users assigned to an access group can only view charts that they have permission to access.

Branch Level Security

Branch level security limits a user's access to a specific subset of branches within a Master Chart. For example, employees within a specific business unit can be limited to viewing only that business unit. Branch Level Security is configured by the OrgChart Professional Services team. Email for more information.

Allowed Views

Within a master chart, you can grant access to any subset of available views.

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