OrgChart Now Help Guide

Account Settings


Audience: Administrators Edition: Enterprise & Premium


Account Settings allow an administrator to change settings that apply to all users in an account.

Accessing Account Settings

To change account settings in OrgChart Viewer, select More > Account Settings.

Account Settings


Set the default behavior on application launch. Also provides access to account level parameters.

Chart Management

Multiple master charts can be loaded into OrgChart Viewer. The Chart Management panel allows you to add, remove, and update master charts entries.


Control presentation parameters including color theme, application font, and date format.

Access Groups

Access Groups control which folders, fields, and views a specific user can access. Access Groups also control access to data and application functionality. Each user is assigned to an access group. You can use this page to create and update Access Groups.


The Security page allows you to create and update Row-Level Security profiles.

Row-Level Security is driven by a set of rules that determines which fields a user can access for any given record.

Manage Users

The Manage Users page allows you to create, delete, and update user credentials.

UI Profiles

UI (User Interface) Profiles control access to application functionality on a per user basis (e.g. you can restrict a user from exporting to Excel).


Checkpoints are used to backup or restore OrgChart Viewer configuration.