OrgChart Now Help Guide



Audience: Any User Edition: Enterprise & Premium


The About page provides details about:

  • The current master chart

  • The current user

  • The current account

  • Various diagnostic information

When logging a support ticket, providing information from the About panel can help to speed ticket resolution.

Accessing About

Select More > About.


From this page, you can copy different sections of the information provided.


Copy all sections of the page to the clipboard.


Copy a specific section of the page to the clipboard.

Chart Info

The following information is displayed in this section:

Chart Name:

Displays the name of the current master chart.

Current View:

Displays view that is applied to the master chart.

Filters Applied:

List of applied filters.

Master Page:

Displays applied master page.

Levels Shown:

Number of organization levels showing on current page.

Current Top Box:

Name and Title of the person currently showing at the top of the displayed page.

Box Count:

Total number of records in the master chart.

Orphan Records:

Total number of orphan records. Orphan records cannot be included in an org chart due to an invalid or missing supervisor.

Boxes Shown:

Total number of boxes displayed on the current page.

Last Refreshed:

Shows the date and time the chart was last synchronized with source data.

User Details

Under this section, the following details are displayed:

User Name:

Displays the user name of currently logged in user.

Email Address:

Shows the email address of the current user.

Access Group:

Shows the name of the current user's Access Group.

Account Type:

Displays the Role of the current user.

Account Details

Under this section, the following details are displayed:


Displays the unique id for the account.


Displays the edition.

Box Limit:

This is the unique number of records that can be loaded into your org chart account (typically aligned with the total number of employees in your organization).

Expire Date:

Displays subscription expiration date.

Application Info


Displays the current software version.


Displays information about the end user's browser.

Server Information:

Displays the web address of the current OrgChart server.