OrgChart Now Help Guide

Export to PDF and PPT


Audience: Any User Edition: Enterprise & Premium


OrgChart Viewer allows you to export to both PDF and PPT formats.

Exporting to PDF and PPT

  1. Select Export > Download PDF, or Download PPT. A list of export options will be shown.

  2. Select the desired options.

    Page Size

    The following page sizes are available Letter, Legal, Tabloid, A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4.


    Selecting Page Size and then  Print Preview mode under the Options Menu allows you to preview chart presentation before exporting to PDF or PPT.

    White Background

    Selecting this option will force the chart background to white. This option is useful if you plan to print the generated PDF or PPT document. A colored background consumes printer ink while a white background does not.

    Include Master Page

    Toggle this option off if you want to generate a PDF or PPT that does not include master page elements. This option is often used when generating PPT documents.Creating Master Pages (Viewer)

    Navigation Arrows

    By default, dynamic navigation arrows are included in PDF and PPT exports. These arrows allow you to navigate within PDF and PPT documents. If planning to print a PDF or PPT, you may want to toggle this option off.

  3. Select output scope to generate a PDF or PPT document.

    Download This Screen

    Download This Screen exports exactly what is shown on the screen.

    Download This Page

    Download This Page reformats the org chart to fit on the selected page size.

    Download This Branch

    Download This Branch exports the current branch (shown top box plus all direct and indirect subordinates). A multi-page document may be generated.

    Download Entire Chart

    Download Entire Chart exports the entire chart. A multi-page document may be generated.


After exporting to PPT, navigation arrows work via [ctrl + click] when in edit mode, and work automatically in presentation mode.