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Workday Connector (Workbench)


Audience: Administrator Users Edition: Team


Workday is a Human Resource Capital Management solution. OrgChart Now directly connects to Workday. The following article provides step-by-step instruction for setting up a Workday connector in OrgChart Workbench. Reference the Workday Connector Setup (Viewer) article for instructions on how to set up a Workday connector in OrgChart Viewer.

Setting up a Workday Connector
  1. Select the Home Ribbon, and then click on the Import icon. A list of available data connectors is displayed.

  2. Click on the Workday icon, and then click Configure.

  3. Enter the following information into the corresponding text boxes:

    • Workday Endpoint - JSON URL copied in step 16 of the Workday Configuration article

    • API User - User name of the Workday service user account that created the employee report

    • API Password - Password for the Workday service user account

    • Report ID - Enter 0 for a standard report.

  4. Click OK, and then click Import.