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Workday Connector (Viewer)


Audience: Administrator Users Edition: Enterprise


The following article shows how to connect your Workday account in OrgChart Viewer.

Workday Connector Setup
  1. OrgChart Now uses Workday RaaS (Reports as a Service) to query data from Workday. You will need to setup a Service User Account in Workday. Next, you will need to create a Workday Report (See Workday Report Format section below). Reference for more information on setting up Workday.

  2. Log into OrgChart. If OrgChart Viewer is not shown, select the Viewer button.

  3. Before you begin, you will need to create a new Master Chart. Reference the Create a Master Chart (Viewer article for more information.

  4. Select the More button, and then select Chart Settings. Make sure the Source option is selected (using the Settings dropdown). The Chart Settings - Source panel is shown.

  5. If the Master Chart you created (in step 3) is not selected, use the Chart dropdown to select your Master Chart.

  6. Click on the button (to the right of the Excel label).

  7. Select the Workday connector, and then click on the Select button. The Chart Settings - Source panel is displayed as shown below.

  8. Enter the User and Password for the Workday service user.

  9. Enter the Endpoint (for your Workday RaaS report). The format of the endpoint should be similar to the example shown below.

  10. Click on the Save button.

  11. Click on the Refresh button.

  12. You may be prompted to setup Field Mapping. This will occur if your field names can't automatically be mapped to the required/optional fields. See example mapping below.

  13. Click on the Exit Button.

Workday Report Format

The table below contains the recommended field for your Workday report. You can add additional fields as needed.


Example Value

Worker Type


Business Title

Senior Software Engineer





Last Name


First Name



Steve Smith


Los Angeles



Cost Center

CC-603.02 Studio Engineering

Workday Photo Import

You can also include Workday photos in your org charts. To do so, you will need to add a Photo formula as detailed below.

  1. Select the More button, and then select Chart Settings. Select the Fields & Formulas option from the Settings dropdown.

  2. Click on the + f(x) button.

  3. Set the formula name to "Photo."

  4. Click on the addbuttondynamicformulas.png button, and then select the Concatenate formula.

  5. Set up the formulas as shown below.

  6. Click Save.