OrgChart Now Help Guide

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UltiPro Connector (Workbench)


Audience: Administrator Users Edition: Team


OrgChart can create an org chart from your UltiPro data. This is done through Reporting Services using UltiPro's Reports-as-a-Service Interface. The reports-as-a-service is the recommended interface. The web services interface is easier to setup but only provides a very limited set of fields from UltiPro. For example, the location of an employee is only available through the reports-as-a-service interface.

Set Up in UltiPro

  1. Log into your UltiPro account (account must have administrator privileges).

  2. Select the System Configuration tab.

  3. Select the Service Account Administration option.

  4. Create a user account

    1. Select the + button to add a new user account.

    2. Enter a user name (typically this would be your AR number followed by an underscore and then OrgChartNow; for example, "ABC1001_OrgChartNow").

    3. Enter a password.

    4. Enter an email address (typically your email address or your administrator's email address).

  5. Select the View checkbox associated with the Employee Self-Service API.

  6. Before continuing to the next step, make sure that you have a record of the following information:

    1. User name: (from Step 4)

    2. Password: (from Step 4)

    3. User API Key: (look on the row for the newly created user)

    4. Customer API Key: (at the top of Service Account Administration panel)

  7. Select the Web Services option (in System Configuration).

  8. Look for the Business Intelligence web service endpoint. Note the first part of the endpoint address, i.e. "service4."

  9. Select the Business Intelligence tab.

  10. Create a new folder called "OrgChart".

  11. Create a report and name this report "OrgChart Employee Report".

  12. Note the Report Path starting at zzzCompany Folders (i.e. zzzCompany Folders/Acme Inc/UltiPro/IT Reports/OrgChart).

  13. Reports can contain any number of fields, but should contain a minimum of the following:

    Employee Name

    Employee Number

    Supervisor Employee Number

    Job Title

    Org Level 2 - Department Name

    Org Level 2 Code - Department Number

    Employment Status

    Employee Type

  14. Set the properties for the report.

  15. Make sure the report is filtered on Active (and if needed LOA employees).

  16. Select the Permissions tab. You will need to log an administrative case ticket with UltiPro to add the BI Consumer (Core) role to your report.

    1. Make sure the report has the BI Consumer (Core) role.

    2. Make sure the Override the Access Permissions Acquired from the Parent Entry check box is checked.

    3. Set permissions for the BI Consumer (Core) to Read, Execute, and Traverse.


Please note for Step 16, you must log an administrative case with UltiPro before your data can be accessed in OrgChart.

OrgChart Set Up

  1. Log into OrgChart Now as an administrator user.

  2. In Workbench, select the Home Ribbon.

  3. Select the Import button.

  4. Select the UltiPro option, then click "Configure".

  5. Enter the following parameters:





    Endpoint noted in previous instructions, i.e. "service4".

    User Access Key

    Recorded in previous instructions

    Client Access Key

    Recorded in previous instructions

    User Name

    Recorded in previous instructions


    Recorded in previous instructions

    Report ID


    Report Name

    Recorded in previous instructions

    Report Path

    Recorded in previous instructions. Use the "_" to separate the parts of the path. For example, zzzCompany Folders_Acme Inc_UltiPro_IT Reports

  6. Select Authentication Test. If not successful, check parameters and retest.

  7. Select OK to save configuration.

  8. If the query is successful, you will be able to continue with importing the data.


If an error occurs, review the UltiPro configuration and make sure all settings are entered correctly. If you are unable to resolve, contact