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UltiPro Connector (Viewer)


Audience: Administrators Edition: Enterprise & Premium


The UltiPro connectors allows administrators to import UltiPro data directly into OrgChart Now. The following article provides step-by-step instructions for setting up an UltiPro Connector in the OrgChart Viewer.

The following information is required in order to complete set up. Reference the UltiPro Configuration article for more information.:

  • Interface

  • Server

  • User Access Key

  • Client Access Key

  • User Name

  • Password

  • Report Name (BI Interface only, open a case with the Administrative SaaS Team)

  • Report Path (BI Interface only, open a case with the Administrative SaaS Team)

Setting up an UltiPro Connector
  1. Log in to your OrgChart account.

  2. Click More > Chart Settings.

  3. Click on the Excel icon. The Connector list appears.

  4. Double-click on the UltiPro icon.

  5. Enter the following information into the corresponding textboxes:

    • Interface:

    • Server: Server name provided by an UltiPro System Administrator

    • User Access Key:

    • Client Access Key:

    • User Name: Your AR Number + "_OrgChartNow"

    • Password:

    • Report Name: For BI Interface only

    • Report Path: For BI Interface only

  6. Click Save, and then click on the Configure Mapping button.

  7. Click on the Load Button. OrgChart Now will try to automatically determine which columns in your source data map to the required fields. Reference the article Chart Settings: Mapping for more information.

  8. Click Save, and then click Refresh.


Note: An Administrative Case will need to be opened with UltiPro so that OrgChart Now can pull data directly from UltiPro.