OrgChart Now Help Guide

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Namely Connector Configuration (Viewer)


Audience: Administrators Edition: Enterprise


The Namely connector allows you to import data directly from your Namely account.

Obtain Namely API Key

In order to query data directly from Namely, you must obtain an API key from the Namely portal.

  1. Login to your administrator Namely account.

  2. Select the "API" option. If you do not have access to this option, contact your Namely administrator.

  3. Under API, select Personal Access Token.

  4. Select New Access Token, create a name for the token, and then click Create.

  5. Copy and save your token.

Configure Namely Data in OrgChart

For this set of steps, you will need to have your API key ready.

  1. Login to your OrgChart account.

  2. Select the More icon, and then select Chart Settings.

  3. On the Chart Settings: Source page, click the ... button to select your data connector.

  4. Select Namely from the list of available data connectors, then click Select.

  5. Provide the following information for your Namely connector:



    Provide the subdomain for your Namely account.

    e.g. The subdomain for would be "orgchart".

    API Token

    Provide the key acquired in Obtain Namely API Key.

  6. Click Save , Refresh, and then Exit. Your data from Namely will now generate a chart in Viewer.