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iCIMS Connector Setup (Workbench)


Audience: Administrator Users Edition: Team


iCIMS is an Applicant Tracking System. OrgChart Now directly integrates with iCIMS. The following article provides step-by-step instructions for setting up an iCIMS connector in OrgChart Workbench. Reference the iCIMS Connector Setup (Viewer) article for instructions on setting up an iCIMS connecting in OrgChart Viewer.

Setting up an iCIMS Connector
  1. In OrgChart Workbench, select the Home Ribbon and then select Import.

  2. Select the iCIMS connector, and then click Configure. The iCIMS Connection Configuration panel appears.

  3. Enter the following information into the corresponding text boxes:

    • User - Username provided by your iCIMS integration specialist

    • Password - Password provided by your iCIMS integration specialist

    • Customer ID -Your iCIMS Customer ID

    • Job Title - Job Title field name for open requisitions

    • Department - Department field name for open requisitions

    • Report ID -Enter 0 for Standard

  4. Click OK.

Appending iCIMS Data to the Main Data Source

iCIMS supplements the main data source with open requisitions. To complete an iCIMS Connector setup, you must enable it as an ATS for another data source.

In Workbench, iCIMS is a compatible ATS for ADP . The following section provides step-by-step instructions for appending iCIMS data to ADP data in OrgChart Workbench. This section assumes that your ADP main data source has already been configured. Reference the ADP Legacy Configuration article for more information on how to set up an ADP Connector in OrgChart Workbench.ADP Legacy Configuration

  1. Select the Home Ribbon, and then click on the Import icon.

  2. Select the ADP connector, and then click Configure. The ADP Connection Configuration panel appears.

  3. Select iCIMS from the ATS dropdown menu.

  4. Click OK.

  5. Click on the Import button.

  6. Select the Refresh Ribbon, and then click on the Advanced icon. The Advanced Options panel appears.

  7. Check the Append Data checkbox, and then enter "icims.xls" into the corresponding text box.

  8. Click OK, and then click on the Refresh icon. iCIMS data has been appended to the chart.

  9. Click Save.