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iCIMS Connector Setup (Workbench)


Audience: Administrators Edition: Team


To setup iCIMS in OrgChart, contact your iCIMS Account Manager to set up a Scoping Call for integration and technical support (integration can be in the form of flat file or API-based).


Before configuring your iCIMS connector, you must first configure your primary data connector (e.g. where you employee data is stored).

For the purposes of this example, we will configure iCIMS using ADP. If you are using a different connector, see our data connectors page for more information about your specific connector. For information on setting up iCIMS in Viewer, click here.

iCIMS Connector Set Up

  1. In OrgChart Workbench, select the Home Ribbon and then select Import.

  2. Select the iCIMS connector and then click Configure.

  3. Enter the following information:



    You iCIMS username (not your email address)


    Your iCIMS password

    Customer ID

    Your iCIMS customer ID number

    Job Title

    Enter "Title"


    Enter "Department"

    Report ID

    Enter "0"

  4. Select OK when finished. Select the ADP connector and then click Configure.

  5. Enter your ADP credentials (Client ID, Client Secret). Under the ATS drop-down list, make sure you've selected "iCIMS". Click OK.

  6. Select Import.

  7. The chart data will now be imported and the chart will appear in the main viewing area.

  8. Go to the Refresh Ribbon and select the Advanced icon.

  9. Check the box adjacent to Append Data and type "icims.xls". Select OK when finished.

  10. Select the Refresh icon and refresh the data. the iCIMS data will be appended to your chart.