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Greenhouse Connector Set Up (Workbench)


Audience: Administrator Users Edition: Team


OrgChart now allows for direct connection of Greenhouse as a supplemental (or append) data source for organizational charts.

For steps on connecting Greenhouse in Enterprise or Premium editions, see this article.

Greenhouse Connector Set Up

Before starting on the connection, a folder will need to be created for the Greenhouse file that will be created with the connection.

  1. Select the 2020-12-14_18-06-46.png icon in the Home ribbon, then click File Manager.Home Ribbon

  2. Select the Add icon under the Folder section to create a new folder.

  3. Select the Rename icon to rename this folder "Reference".

  4. Click Exit when finished.

To set up the Greenhouse connection in your OrgChart account:

  1. Select the Import icon from the Home ribbon.Home Ribbon

  2. Click the Greenhouse icon from the list of available data connectors, and then select Configure.

  3. Enter the "Harvest API Key" (that was copied), Job Title (current connectors field name) and Department (current connectors field name) with a Report ID of "1."

  4. Select OK when finished, then close the Select Connector screen.

  5. Refresh the chart.

  6. Select the Refresh ribbon, then click the Advanced icon.Refresh RibbonAdvanced

  7. Check the box next to Append Data, and enter "Greenhouse.xls" in the available space.

  8. Click OK.

  9. Save the chart using the Save option in the Home ribbon.Home Ribbon

  10. Refresh the chart to apply the changes from the append file.