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Excel Connector (Viewer)


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This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to configure an Excel Connector (as a Main Data Source) in the OrgChart Viewer. Reference the article "Append Data" for information on appending your main data source with an Excel file.

Setting Up an Excel Connector

  1. Sign in to your OrgChart Now account.

  2. Click More > Chart Settings.The Source panel will be displayed.

  3. Click the file icon under the Main Data Source heading, and then select Excel from the list of connector icons.

  4. Click Select, and then click the Browse button under the Main Data Source heading.

  5. Select your Excel file from the Browse panel, or upload a file from your computer using the Screen_Shot_2020-10-17_at_8_53_37_PM.png button. Hit Select at the bottom of the panel when you are done.

  6. Click to highlight your data source, and then click Select to import the file to OrgChart. A Configuration Alert will appear.

  7. Click the Configure Mapping button.

  8. Click the Load button located underneath the list of dropdown menus. If your source file contains the required fields, OrgChart will automate the field mapping. Reference the article "Excel Connector" for more information.

  9. Click Save, and then Refresh.