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Dayforce Connector Setup (Viewer)


Audience: Administrators Edition: Enterprise


After you've configured your Dayforce connector, you can connect OrgChart Now to Dayforce. The following article shows how to connect your Dayforce account in OrgChart Viewer.Link Placeholder PageOrgChart Viewer Overview


Dayforce connector setup is currently only available in OrgChart Viewer. If you are not an Enterprise customer, you will not be able to connect Dayforce to OrgChart.

Dayforce Connector Setup

  1. Log in to OrgChart. If OrgChart Viewer is not shown, select the Viewer button. Before you begin, you will need to create a new master chart (see the following article for details). Select the More button and then select Chart Settings.OrgChart Viewer OverviewLink Placeholder Page

  2. The Chart Settings: Source panel will appear. Make sure the master chart you created in Step 1 is selected (use the Chart drop-down list).Link Placeholder Page

  3. Select the ellipsis button.

  4. Select the Dayforce connector.

  5. Enter the following information in the Dayforce Configuration Panel:

    1. Company code: Your Dayforce company name (example: "dsppofficework"; the same company name which you use to log in to Dayforce)

    2. Username: Your Dayforce service account username (the service role which was configured earlier)

    3. Password: Your Dayforce service account password (the service role which was configured earlier)

    4. Endpoint: Your Dayforce login portal URL (see example below)

  6. Select Save, Refresh, and Exit.

  7. Your Dayforce data will be imported into Viewer.


Set your Dayforce chart as your default Master Chart. Reference the Account Settings: Chart Management article for more information).

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