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BambooHRConnector (Legacy)


Intended audience: Workbench / Administrator


This method is not the preferred method of connecting to BambooHR. See BambooHR Connector Setup for the preferred method.BambooHRConnector Setup (Workbench)

  1. To configure the connection between BambooHR and OrgChart Now using an API key, go to Select the Log In button in the upper right-hand corner.

    BambooHR login screen
  2. Enter your company's BambooHR domain (for example, ""). Select Continue.

    Bamboo HR login Screen 2
  3. Enter your BambooHR email and password and select Log In.

    BambooHR Login Screen 3
  4. After logging in, select the Account icon, the farthest icon to the right at the top of the screen, next to the gear icon. This icon will have the account user's initials on it.

    Red Circle over Gear
    initials next to gear
  5. The Account drop-down list will appear. Select API Keys.

    BB my info
  6. On the API Keys page, select the Add New Key button.

  7. Type in a name for the API Key and then select Generate Key.

  8. Copy the API key to your clipboard on your computer. Then select Done.

  9. The active API key will be shown in the My API Keys page.

  10. Back in OrgChart, check the box next to "Use API Key" i n the Configure BambooHR Connection dialog box. Paste the copied API key into the dialog box. Enter your subdomain ("") as well. Select OK.



    Entering "0" for the Report ID will query for a limited set of fields: "Department," "Division," "Employee#," "Employment Status," "First Name," "Last Name," "Location," "Name," "Nickname," "PersonID," "photoUploaded," "photo" (if the "Include photo field" box has been checked), "Status," "SupervisorID," and "Title."

    Entering "1" will bring in a larger set of fields.


    Check the Include photo field box if you wish to import photos from BambooHR into your org chart.

  11. Select the Import button.

  12. OrgChart Now will retrieve the data from BambooHR. If the operation is successful, the Filter Data dialog box will appear. Select Next.Filter Data



    If the query is unsuccessful, double-check the BambooHR configuration (in Step 10). You may need to check with your BambooHR administrator to ensure you have the appropriate permissions. Contact us if you need assistance.Contact Information

  13. In the Define Fields dialog box, make sure the following parameters have been entered. Select Next.

    Define Fields


    If you did not check the "Include photo field" box in the Configure BambooHR Connection dialog box in Step 10, the "Photo" option (as shown above) will not be present in the Photo drop-down list in the Define Fields dialog box.

  14. Select Next to progress through the Assistant Wizard panel and the Subchart Wizard panel. In the Select Chart Template panel, select the Photo template from the drop-down list, as shown below. Select Next.

    Select Chart Template
  15. Select Create Chart when the Master Page panel appears.

  16. You will now see your org chart in the main viewing area of the Workbench.

    Chart with people's pics
  17. Select the Save icon in the Home Ribbon to create an org chart document.Home Ribbon Overview

    Red Square over save

    Org chart documents can be opened and then synchronized with BambooHR using the Refresh process.Refreshing Charts (Viewer)

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