OrgChart Now Help Guide

Updating Plans


Audience: Any User Edition: Enterprise & Premium


The collaborative planning module allows you to add, delete, move, and update records within a plan. You can also add a comment to any record. A plan must be ‘Active’ and you must have owner or collaborator privileges  to make updates to a plan.

Update a Record

  1. If you are not currently in the planning mode, you will need to open or create a plan. Reference the Plan Explorer topic for more information.

  2. Mouse over the box you want to update. The following toolbar is displayed.

  3. Select from one of the available actions. You can add a subordinate, delete the current box, move the current box, or update information about the current box.


    Update the current record.


    Add a subordinate record.


    Move current record to report to another manager.


    Remove the current record.


    Add a comment.

  4. After selecting an action, the Update Panel is displayed.


    The selected action (add, delete, move, update, or comment) determines which options within the Update Panel are enabled. The Comment and Effective Date can also be modified.


    Allowed Edits


    Update Editable Fields.


    Update Editable Fields, PersonID, and Name fields.


    Select a new supervisor (Click on the Manager Name to the right of the "Reports To:" heading.).


    No fields are editable except Comment and Effective Date.


    No fields are editable except Comment and Effective Date.

  5. Note

    Note: Effective Date may not be shown in the Update Panel. Reference the Plan Explorer article for more information on enabling effective dating.

    Click OK to commit changes.

Modifying an Updated Record

To Revert or Modify an existing change:

  1. Mouse over the changed box you want to modify. The following toolbar is displayed:

  2. Click on the Gear icon to display the Update Panel. Once in the Update Panel, you can:

    • Modify Editable Fields (except if deleting)

    • Modify or add a comment

    • Revert a change to original values (click on the Revert button)

    • Change the Effective Date