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Talent Pool


Audience: Any User Edition: Enterprise & Premium


When trying to identify the right person to fill an open role, you may want to consider more than one candidate. The Talent Pool allows you to identify a list of potential candidates for any position.

Accessing the Talent Pool Panel

  1. If you are not currently in the planning mode, you will need to open an existing plan, or create a new plan. Reference the Plan Explorer topic for more information to article.

  2. Click on the Talent Pool tab. If the Talent Pool tab is not shown click on the arrows_to_the_left_to_open_dashboard.png button (on the right side of the screen).


Adding Candidates to the Talent Pool

  1. Search for an employee by name or title.



    Note: Yellow text indicates that an employee is outside the scope of the current plan (is not a direct or indirect report to the top-most position in the plan).

  2. Click on any result row to add to the associated record to the talent pool.

Moving a Candidate into the Plan
  1. In the Talent Pool Panel, click on the movewithinplan.png or AddDelete_-_Copy.png icon to the right of an employee.

  2. You will be prompted to specify a new manager for the employee.  Optionally, you can update other attributes associated with the employee (e.g. title) and/or add a comment. If effective dating is enabled, you can also specify an effective date for the change.


    Note: The movewithinplan.png icon denotes that the employee is moving within the scope of the current plan.

    The AddDelete_-_Copy.png icon denotes that the employee is being added to the plan (e.g. the employee is located outside the scope of the current plan).

Additional Options

Remove an employee from the talent pool.


Display additional details about an employee.