OrgChart Now Help Guide

Sharing Plans


Audience: Any User Edition: Enterprise & Premium


Plans can be shared with team members. When a plan owner shares a plan, the owner must set the role for each planner. The following roles are available:

  • Viewers can view plans but cannot make changes.

  • Collaborators can update plans (i.e. add, move, update, or delete boxes).

Sharing a Plan

Plans can be shared using the Plan Explorer, or by using the Plan Dashboard. Look for the crisp_share.png icon in either interface.

Sharing Dialog

The sharing dialog allows a plan owner to share (or stop sharing) a plan.


The following options are available in the Sharing dialog:

Select a user to share with

Click on this element to share a plan with a specific user. When a plan is shared with a user, that user will receive an email containing a link to the shared plan. If the desired user is not shown in the dropdown, contact your OrgChart administrator (planners must have read/write access associated with their role).

Copy Link

This function creates a URL that can be shared with a colleague. You can paste the generated link into an email. Clicking on the link will launch OrgChart Now, and then open the shared plan.


Mouse over a user row, and then select the Change Role icon. Use this option to change the user’s role (collaborator or viewer).


Mouse over a user row to stop sharing the current plan with the associated user.