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Plan Dashboard


Audience: Any User Edition: Enterprise & Premium


The Plan Dashboard displays information about the current plan. Information shown includes:

  • The plan status (Active or Locked)

  • Last time the plan was synchronized with the source data

  • Various plan metrics

  • List of team members (people the plan has been shared with)

Accessing the Plan Dashboard

  1. If you are not currently in the planning mode, you will need to open or create a plan. Reference the Plan Explorer topic for more information.

  2. Click on the Dashboard tab. If the Dashboard tab is not shown click on the arrows_to_the_left_to_open_dashboard.png button (on the right side of the screen).


Plan Information

The following information is shown at the top of the Dashboard Tab:

Plan Name

Plan name as specified by the plan owner. The plan name can be modified using the Plan Explorer.

Plan Status

  • Active – Plan can be modified.

  • Locked – Plan cannot be modified.

  • Archived– Plan has been archived (and cannot be modified unless reactivated).

Last Modified

Last time plan was modified by a collaborator or owner.

Last Sync

Last time plan was synchronized with source data. Reference Synchronizing Plans for more information on this topic.Synchronizing Plans

Plan Metrics

The Plan Metrics table allows your team to model toward a goal. The Headcount metric is automatically included when creating plan. Reference the Plan Metrics  topic for more information on adding additional metrics to your plan.

For each metric, the following information is available:


This is the desired (or goal) value for a metric. To set a target, click on the Gear icon (at the top of the Plan Metrics table).


This value as computed from the current plan. This metric is not automatically updated as you plan. Click on the refresh_and_edit_plan_metrics_-_Copy.png to recalculate this value.


This is the value of the metric when the plan was created.


This is the amount the value has changed from the start (Plan – Start Value).

Distance to Target

This is the distance from the Plan value to Target value (Target Value – Plan).

Team Members

The Team Member table displays:

  • A list of team members (with whom the plan has been shared)

  • The role of each team member (Viewer, Collaborator or Plan Owner). Reference Sharing Plans for more information on this topic.

The plan owner can use the crisp_share.png to share a plan with other team members.


Note: The green dot to the left of a team member indicates if a team member has the current plan open. All changes made by team members are reflected within the plan in real-time.